Tough love

Well, sports fans, the much better half decided to put a 💍 on it (technically, anyway, but I won’t have it for at least 3 weeks), so it’s time for some tough love: losing weight is no longer optional. I’m not fat, I’m downright unfit (and unhealthy) – don’t argue, because I know what I eat, and I know how winded I get climbing the stairs, so no NIH factoid can argue that my wheezing could be viewed as “healthy” on any planet.

Monday I started Weight Watchers at 190lbs. I have gone up and down 2lbs since then, but the official weigh-in isn’t until Monday, so I’m trying to ignore the fluctuations. I also started the “30 Day Squat Challenge”, where I did 40 on Monday, 45 on Tuesday, 50 on Wednesday (rest on Thursday) and 60 today…here’s hoping I can keep this up!

I also did standing obliques and arms – not much of each, though, but I felt relief when I had completed the sets and wasn’t dead. Keeping it up until I feel fit will take some time and effort, I fear!

But, no sausage arms in MY wedding dress!